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Image by Akhil Lincoln

The Galpa Collective
Awards - 1

Editor's Choice Award

The Night Sky

Jesmal Jalal

Editor's Choice Award - The Night Sky by Jesmal Jalal
Prize - $100

Judges Notes
'The Night Sky' by Jesmal Jalal is a beautiful take on how seemingly disparate moments are interconnected by a common theme.  The story subtly flows between different perspectives, through vantage points of a variety of individuals,  giving us a peek of their respective lives. Jesmal's use of the language is exceptional, lucid and this story was a delight to read and ponder about.

The Galpa Collective Awards - I

With over 80 beautifully written stories to read, the journey to select the best of the stories was truly difficult. The stories were marked and ranked on their total scores on various factors such as their originality, plot, narrative, use of language, grammar among other factors, in no particular order. 

The following are the 10 winning stories of The Galpa Collective Awards - I. 

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