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The Galpa Presents

The Galpa Collective Awards

A short story contest for authors globally

Deadline Extended till

30th May, 2022


Moral Stories


Written | Spoken | Video



The Galpa is an emerging global short story platform with stories in multiple genres.  The Galpa Collective Awards is an effort to recognise the most unique, interesting short stories that pique the interest of our readers worldwide.


1. Editor's Choice Award : The winning story will receive an Editor Choice certificate as well as a cash prize of $50

2. The Galpa Collective Awards : 20 stories will be selected for the Galpa Collective - 9 Awards and will be given the Galpa Collective 9 Award certificate. 

2. Reader's Choice Award :  The story with the maximum number of comments on our website within 7 days will win the Readers Choice Award, which carries a cash prize of $50.

Following are the details of the contest : 


Moral Stories


1.Written - Word Limit is should be between 500 to 1000 words.

2. Audio or Video - Time limit of 5 minutes.

Number of Submission

Maximum 5 per author.

Last date for submission

Extended till 30th May 2022

Email for submissions

Send in your written/ spoken or video recorded story to

Story submission Format

1. For writtten stories - PDF or Word or on the mail 

2. For Audio or Self recorded Video stories - 1920x1080 quality + Clear audio with minimum or no background noise.

Email to be sent with following subject line : TGCA - 9 - Story Name


All stories to be sent along with a short description of upto 140 words of the story.

All authors must share their social media handles for us to tag them.

Results declaration

Within 15  days post last submission date.

Contest Rules

1. Only original stories will be eligible and all winning stories will be checked for plagiarism.

2. There is no entry fee for the competition.


3. All intellectual property of story submitted rests with the respective authors. 


4. By submitting a story on the, the author gives the Galpa ( the right to put the stories in and its social media handles or its affiliated sites, in its original or modified form as and when and where the owners and administrators of decide.


5. All prize payments will be paid without any holding tax. Participants are expected to make their respective tax payments on any prize received.


6. Prizes will be paid within 3 to 7 working days via Paypal/Bank Transfer. Prize winners will be notified individually on their email for collecting necessary details.

7. Contest is open to all individuals at all locations.

8. Contest is open to individuals only and not any non-individual entity.

9. Stories written with the help of AI story writing softwares/programmes such as Deepstory, Saasbook, Talktotransformer will be disqualified from participation in any contest of The Galpa. Stories edited with AI programs such as Grammarly can be published on the Galpa but cannot participate in any contests conducted by The Galpa. If found retrospectively then any such story's award will be recalled and given forward to the subsequently ranked story as per The Galpa's internal records.

10. Only original stories allowed. 

11. Stories already published on any online or offline platform are allowed, subject to the rules and regulations of that platform. The Galpa takes no responsibility of any kind of infringement arising from any such agreement between such a platform and the author submitting his or her story to The Galpa.

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