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A beautiful way of encouragement!

It was still raining. The bright light of the day, had already faded into twilight, welcoming the darkness that was ready to engulf the whole environment. Amy got up from her chair and slowly walked towards the glass window. She had been attending her ailing mother in the hospital. Pushing the window curtain to one side, she peeped through the glass, just to make sure, if anybody had come. The floral scent, reminded her of the medicine, she had to give to her mother.

She came back to her mom and gently placed her fingers on her mom's forehead. ‘Mom, are you awake? How do you feel now? Do you feel better?' Amy asked in a low voice. Struggling to open her eyes, the mother said,'Yes, honey, a little. Has anything or anybody come?’

Braiding her mom's hair, Amy softly replied, ‘Not yet Mama. It is still raining. Don't worry, it will come.’ Her mom nodded her head, closed her eyes, murmuring some unclear words.

Amy had a part time job, in a department store in Ontario. However, she is having a hard time managing her time between taking care of her semi paralysed father at home and a mother, hospitalised with kidney problems. Despite all the troubles, she is staying cool, handling the situation as cool as humanly possible. Besides her job these additional burdens were definitely putting her under pressure. She is determined though, to tackle the situation.

Every morning, she prepares her father’s daily requirements before going to work. As soon as she gets off work, she rushes to her mom in the hospital. At night, she comes back home, leaving her mom under the care of a gentle lady, an elderly nurse.

Amy was an only child, when both of her parents fell sick, she was stretched thin between them. Exhausted and lonely, Amy wished she had a brother or a sister. She needed support but nobody was there to give it to her.

Amy decided to put up a post in an internet forum. ‘My mom, the best Mom one could have is seriously ill. During her good days, she devoted her time volunteering for Children’s Hospice International. It is a non-profit organisation established in 1983. It has pioneered the idea that children having life threatening illness should have provided a net work of support and care. When she came to know about the actual function of CHI, she was inspired. Being a kind hearted lady, she determined to render her service as much as and as long as she could for the people (patients) of that non-profit organisation. Her true love and sincere effort of making the sick children happy, made her immortal in their hearts. Trust me, she is a wonderful lady!

Unfortunately, she developed kidney problems which, according to the doctors, are curable. Even though she is going through a very difficult time, needed physical care in the hospital, she wants to stay positive. So, I need someone to helpme. It is her wish to listen 'a very good, appealing story' which can give her mental peace. 'Kindly, send a message in the given e-mail address (which she mentioned in her post) or personally if anybody can come and narrate a story, I will be thankful. Please help her.’

Sometimes, Amy is confused with her mom’s strange request. ‘Why does she want a story at all?’

She thought, maybe mama's day to day life was so painful for last two three years or she didn't have patience to read or to listen the same stereo-type stuff or maybe she wanted to forget her long run physical pain, by hearing some real, real good stories, something different, special, which could provide her internal pleasure.

Hence, as a daily routine, her mom kept asking her, 'Has it come?'

'Yes, mama, it will come. Keep patience, please.'

She was desperately searching her e-mail everyday, wishing to receive an excellent story or some message.

A month later, Amy got an e-mail, from an unknown person. She couldn't wait to show it to her mom. She attended to her father’s need, decided to take a day off from work and rushed to the hospital.

Slowly, Amy entered into her mom's cabin. She stood at the door step silently for sometime, looked at her mama to make sure if she was asleep. Mama had her eyes closed but her faint eyebrows were a little bit twisted. She looked as if she was okay but Amy couldn't be sure.

She whispered, 'Mom, mama.'

'Yes, honey!' answered her mom, still closing her eyes.

'Mama, have you taken your lunch? The nurse has already served it? How you feel now, better?' at a stretch, Amy asked her so many questions.

'Yes, honey. I ate lunch. The nurse is very care taking. May God bless her with a blissful life!! What's up, honey? You look very happy today! Any surprise?' asked her mom with a little difficulty.

'Yeah, mom! I am very happy today. After so many days, I got an interesting e-mail.You take rest, then later, I will read the story as you always wished.’

'I have taken enough rest, darling. You can read it now.'

'O.K, o.k, mama, let me settle down on my chair, then I will start.'

‘No, no, don't sit on that chair, come closer to me, sit on my bed. So that I can hear you distinctly, okay? What is about?’

Amy, like an obedient child, went to her mama's bed and adjusted herself on her bed, holding her iPad tightly said,'O.K, mama, fine.'

'Mama, a letter has come. I will read it, just listen to it.’

'A letter? No story? Why should I listen a letter?,'

'Yeah, mom, a letter! Anyway, you may like it. So, listen to it.’

Amy read the letter while her mama closed her eyes to concentrate the words.

'My dear sweet, sweet auntie,

Hi, auntie! How are you? Anyways, I love you! I love you so much, I can't explain in words. You are so beautiful, so warming, I want to be with you forever. I know, you must be thinking, who I am. Right? Don't worry, I will tell you. First,you tell me, do you love me or no? Look at the window, I am standing out side of the hospital, waiting for you,' Amy stopped and looked at her mama mischievously. She saw that her mom's lips were widened. She has a smile on her face. Finally Mom is smiling. Thought Amy. She couldn't remember how long had it been that she had seen Mom smile!

Immediately, her mom said, 'Why did you pause? Who is this romantic guy? Go on, read it.'

Amy continued, 'I know auntie, you love me so much! Auntie, don't you want to know 'how', 'where' and 'when' I met you? Well, I will tell you. I met you first time at your wedding ceremony. You were looking like an angel from heaven, it was simply fabulous. I went there with my parents. However, the party ended, I returned home but your lovely face, you in that long bridal dress, has stayed in my mind till now.

I clearly remembered the day, you were wearing a red skirt with white top. You looked so gorgeous!! You were heading towards the church. Uncle and you, both were holding hands together. I followed you, without your knowledge. You know why? I wanted to take a snap, but unfortunately, so many visitors were there that day, I felt shy. I couldn't make it. The prayer was over. Everybody came out of the church, including you two. I couldn't click your snap that day, but I didn't give up.

Next day, I saw you with another gorgeous dress. Perhaps, you were going to attend some party. You were looking so beautiful, I couldn't control and whistled from my terrace. Your fair complexion, tall figure with blond curly hair, was absolutely mind blowing. I was in my thought. For a second I felt, as if I stood before you and in a half bent position, supporting my body weight on one knee, proposing to you, holding a red rose, 'Will you marry me?' You blushed and your white cheek turned red, like a red rose petal. When I came to my senses, I found that you had already gone, driven far away from my sight.

Immediately, Amy's mom giggled out! 'Oh, dear! Poor boy! I can't remember the little naughty man!'

Suddenly, Amy heard that laughing sound. She looked at her mom, shifting her eyes from the i-pad. Her mom was really laughing aloud and quoted the same words, 'So funny! Who is this naughty boy? I never met him! How did I miss him? Well, honey, go on. I want to know what happened then. Read it.' Now, Amy felt a little relaxed. At last, her mom felt happy and showed some interest to listen further more.

‘Yeah, mama, listen.' She continued........'your lovely face was stuck in my heart. Few days, I followed you wherever you went, even I went to that place, where you were working, that CHI building. The way you were taking care of those children, and the response of children towards you, was worth seen. I loved it and appreciated your unconditional love and devotion to CHI. I am really proud of you, thinking that I am in love with such a wonderful lady. Then, I gave up saying myself, 'I am not fit for you.' Just because, how good you were! You had chosen the right person in your life! Trust me.

Are you listening, auntie? I can imagine your sweet smiling face. That is what I want. Be always like that. How you like my story of 'falling in love with you?' You are really an amazing lady. Your soft spoken voice, humble behaviour is reflected on Amy. Look at her face. You are her strength, auntie. Don't let her down.

Honestly speaking, whenever I saw you auntie, I feel my mom's presence. I played the jokes with you as I used to do with my mom. I lost my mom and dad, when I was twelve years old. Fortunately, my grannie was there to look after me. Sometimes, I wanted to cut jokes with my mom, then I rushed to her, holding a pen or pencil, bent down before mom and used to copy my dad, 'Will you marry me?'

Hearing this, my mom burst in to laughter. With a warm hug, she answered my question, 'Oh! Darling, I love you so much. You are my only hope, dear, you are my love!' She was as beautiful as you are.

I was surfing the internet, where I found Amy's note. My eyes were filled with tears. I tried my best to save my parents, but it was not in my destiny. I felt the same feeling, what Amy is going through now. I could understand her mental situation. I knew my boundary. Neither I am an expert story teller, nor I am a writer, so I chose an easy way out. I planned to make you laugh through my funny letter. Auntie, it is very easy to make some one cry, but very difficult to make some one happy. If you are really happy, even to one per cent, then also it's my pleasure. I am done.

Well, whatever description I had given about you, was nothing but relating you with my mom. Auntie, I will pray to God that you should get well soon. Life can never be always as beautiful as we wish! It has it's spontaneous flow. Some facts are beyond our control. So, why not, we will search the pleasure out of this painful life and enjoy it fully. We have to survive auntie, we have to struggle. Be happy and prove yourself, a winner.

However, auntie, I am waiting for you. Some day, some where, I will meet you. Yes, I heard that you are an excellent cook! After you get well and get back home, I will be the first person to come and have a wonderful meal with you. Of course, my love affaires with you, is not finished. If you want more, press to 'to be continued'.

With regards,


At the end of the letter, mama asked Amy, 'Honey, did he leave a return address? Naughty boy! Amy, do me a favour. Next time, you will press to the 'to be continued', so that I can come to know more about his mom. Sweet, poor boy! I love him.’

Amy smiled. She could understand her mom's feeling. She murmured,'What a beautiful approach! I like it.' She could understand that whatever the person had written, simply out of his imagination. He never met her mom before!

Amy thanked the stranger for his imagination!!

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