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A crazy dream!!

It was a dreadful night for me! I was shivering in my bed. Instantly, I pulled my blanket and covered myself from top to bottom. I saw a horrible dream......

'A black, muscular man was standing in front of me. As he grinned at me, it seemed as if a tube light was switched on in a dark room. I was terrified in his appearance. I mumbled, 'Who are you?'

'Yam Dev. I am the final destination of any living being, God of Death,' he replied in the same smiling face.

'But...but I didn't invite you, sir. How can I help you, sir?' very humbly and in a coherent voice I asked him.

'Ha...ha..ha..Oh, dear, you made me laugh!!! I am never welcomed by anyone, but I am so sorry dear, I have to be rude some times, some days. Today is your turn. Don't worry, millions of people will join you. You will never feel lonely. Come on,' saying these words, Yam Dev extended his hand towards me.'

Believe me, I was almost about to faint. I gathered all my strength and asked again,'What's my fault, sir? You can spare some more time to me. I have so many works in pending, I have to complete it, otherwise, others will be in trouble, especially my family members will suffer. By the way, I am only forty two, sir! Why so early? Have mercy upon me, sir, please!!'

I noticed that even after my request, he had no change. He was just smiling. Very politely, he asked me about my last wish and to fulfil it as quickly as possible. I was warned by him that I should not be late. I looked at my wife. She was in a deep sleep. My son and daughter, both were snoring loudly. I became helpless. My whole body was shivering out of fear. My limbs became numb, tongue dried up, voice was choked up. I lost my hope, but yet I took a last trial. He was still standing in front of me and pulling me towards him. In a half broken voice I asked,'Oh, Yam Dev! Where are you taking me to?'

'Of course to hell! You have done nothing good to go to heaven. So you deserve the place in hell!'

Immediately I reminded Him that He granted me a last wish! He looked at me and said,'Well, what do you want?'

'I joined my hands and requested Him to grant me life, at least for six months more, then I will surrender myself to Him.' I felt still somebody was pulling me. I screamed aloud, ''

I could feel somebody shook my shoulder and when I opened my eyes, I found my wife was shaking my body violently and was asking me what had gone wrong with me, and why I was screaming? I was so scared that for few seconds, I was speechless! I was totally wet with my own sweat! I was still quivering. I was so terrified that I couldn't answer her. She gave me a glass of water then told me to sleep again, as it was only 3:00 a.m. I tried, but I couldn't!

How that other three hours passed, I had no idea! Maybe, towards the early morning, I dozed off. However, next day morning I finished my daily routine and got ready for office. My wife, while packing my lunch box asked again,'Hey! Why did you scream yesterday night? Don't go office, if you are not feeling well!'

I replied her in short that there was no reason to be worried, I just had a bad dream, that's it. But whatever, my mind was only stuck to that horrible features of 'Yam Dev'!!! Mind is mind, it is always uncontrollable! Anyhow, I ran for my office. Everyday I crossed a big temple on the way to my office but I never intended to visit the place. I just bow down my head, that's it. But that day, I stopped my car near the temple and went inside. It was really nice, a big temple! People were offering their prayers from the core of their heart. Perhaps, I was the only person who finished the prayer within few seconds. I just looked at the beautiful idols of different God and Goddesses, bow down my head, closed my eyes for a second and then came back to my car.

While driving, I myself was amused thinking that what for I went to the temple and what did I say to God?? Nothing...nothing I asked to God. 'Well, next time when I will visit that temple, I will pray to God sincerely and I will ask Him something,' I thought myself and smiled.

Seriously, my fear was reflected from every single act of mine. All on a sudden, I wished to change my attitude, so that I would become a pious man! I thought a lot about how to make myself a noble person, but I couldn't get the clue. I was trying my best to donate something, to help others as far as possible, to pray God, so that whatever sin I might have done would be diminished because every time, those words 'you have not done anything good' were ringing in my ears!

My wife was surprised to see some typical change in my attitude! One day, while we were outing with children, I paid some money to a beggar. Immediately she asked,'What has gone wrong with you? You never paid money to any beggar, because you know this is a fake business and they are not handicaps, they can do some work to earn their living. But, I don't know what happened to you, recently for past few months I have noticed that all on a sudden you have become a different person. Why don't you tell me what has happened? Is there any problem?'

I kept silent for few minutes, but my conscience pushed me to disclose the matter. I told her everything about that horrible dream and how I begged Yam Dev to spare my life for six months more. Even, I explained her that really after death, I don't want to go to hell but to heaven. And for that I was doing some good work.

She took it lightly and laughed aloud. Then she said,'So, this is the reason, why you have become an extra noble person!!! Come on, darling! Do you believe in dream? Forget it dear, dream is dream, it will never become a reality. Who knows what happens, after death? Relax! And be normal, nothing is going to happen!'

I told her, 'Even if I am trying to forget it, I can't. It haunts my thoughts all the time."

She said in a sympathetic voice, 'Well! If you want to do something good, then do it genuinely. Whatever will happen, will happen, nobody can stop it! So, don't bother too much unnecessarily, please! Forget about the dream.'

She advised me and I accepted, but in my heart I was counting the months. Five months passed and only one month was left. Ten days of the sixth month, once again I saw the same dream....' The huge, muscular, black man was standing before me. He was asking me, 'Are you ready?'

I stammered a little, then asked,'Where am I going?'

'To hell, of course!'

'But..but I have done so many good works. Why am I going to hell even now?' I stuttered.

He grinned at me and said,'Look! Whatever you have done, you did it for your 'self gain' not with a pure heart. That's why you deserve the same place, where you were!'

Then I replied,'Oh, God! Still some days are left, please wait for few days more!'

Again He smirked at me and sympathetically said,'Well! As you wish, granted!'

Once again with a jerk, I sat up on my bed, looked at my wife. Like every night, she was in a deep sleep. Moments passed as I looked at her. I felt jealous of her sleep.

Time passed so quickly! Not that I had not seen any other dream, dreams came and faded but this horrible dream never disappeared from my mind! Honestly, I became very weak mentally out of an unseen fear! Gradually, I built up my courage and opted the idea 'let go'.

An unpleasant incident suddenly occurred once, while I was coming back from my office. A child was run over by a motorist on the road and the motorist fled away quickly before anybody could catch him. I stopped my car abruptly. The boy was screaming, laying down in a pool of blood on the road with severe pain. Blood was continuously streaming out from his body. By that time, the public surrounded that area and all were shouting for help. Without any second thought, I got down from my car and informed them that I would admit the boy in the nearest possible hospital. I took him. In emergency ward, I admitted the boy.

I was waiting there for the doctor's call. Ten minutes later, the nurse came and informed me that urgently the blood transfer was required for the boy. Maybe, she thought that I was his father or any relative. I was in a dilemma! There was not enough time to think and decide, because the blood group she required was not matching with mine and I didn't have enough money to buy the blood and donate him. So, immediately I requested the nurse to donate my blood in exchange of the blood that the boy required.

She looked at me thoroughly to verify whether I was fit enough for that or not. Then she said, 'Fine!You can donate.'

I stretched myself on the bed and she collected the blood in a fresh new bottle.

The boy had multi injuries. However, at least after getting two bottles of blood, the boy became a little better. He was still not in a condition to respond. I watched him for sometime, then informed the doctor that I would be in touch next day. I finished some of the formalities of the hospital. I was just about to leave the place, the doctor came to me and said,'Well, can talk to your son tomorrow! He will be O.K. Had it been a little late, God knows, what would happen to him! He was admitted in right time!'

'But.. but he is not my son,' before I complete my words, the doctor had crossed on the corridor. Obviously, he was in a hurry.

I stood there standstill for a moment, then shook my head thinking myself, 'Oh, God! What a mess!'

However, I drove the car and came back home. After a little refreshment, elaborately I described everything to my wife, that had happened in past few hours. Even though, she didn't know him, yet she felt pity for the poor boy!

Next day, I was little early to my office, so that I could visit the boy and also attend the office in time. When I reached there, I noticed a middle aged lady was feeding him something in a bowl. I assumed that she must be his mother. My assumption was correct. I headed towards the boy a little closer. He tried to point his finger, immediately I stopped him and said that I understood what he meant. He wanted to introduce his mother. His mother stood with joined hands and started crying. Her voice chocked. She was trying to show her gratitude. Five minutes, I talked to her, consoled her a lot, then came back to my office. I knew that they were poor. So, before leaving the hospital, I handed over some money to his mom. He became very happy but his eyes were filled with tears.

Honestly speaking, after that day, I never visited him, but I prayed God for his quick recovery. Unconsciously, my mind was seeking blessing from God for the poor chap! However, gradually I was so much engaged in my work, I had no time to think some extra!

In due course of time, I had completely forgotten about that nightmare dream. Maybe, because of my work or maybe my 'let go' principle, whatever! But...........

Once again, one night I saw the same repetition....same if the film was re-winded....'The dark, huge man!!! Like before, He was smiling at me. But this time it was slightly different from the previous appearance. He was looking cool, quite contented! For the first time, I felt as if 'I am not afraid of death any more!' I smiled back with respect. This time he was not the beginner, I started,'I am ready, sir.'

'Well! But, I am not taking you to hell right now?'

With utmost surprise, the words came out from my lips,'How come?'

'Cause, till now, whatever you were doing, it was absolutely for your own self-gain, with a motivation, but the last deed you have done, is purely out of generosity, humanity and relentless. You saved and helped a poor boy without any self-intention. That's a noble job!!! The day, you helped an old lady to find out her home, roaming around the city for long three hours, was indeed a great job! Remember, you were being watched. A small help without any intention is thousand times better than a help with intention!!! I do respect and admire the noble persons, although eventually, you have to meet me once!!! And that will be your final destination! So, I compensate your life for another few years to accomplish some wonderful works, as much as you can! Enjoy your life and be happy! Good-bye!!!!!'

I screamed loudly,'Sir..Sir...' With my own loud noise, I woke up and found myself on the bed. There was no sweating, no shivering, nothing. I was cool but excited! I thought for some time, then smiled and pulled my blanket up to my face, said 'What a crazy dream!!!! And slept again..........

Next day morning, I woke up and told everything to my wife and said, 'I think, He taught me a lesson!!! It's not simply a dream to be ignored!!! If you help somebody, do it genuinely.'

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