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A logical argument of a Mom!

I was still in the kitchen room and my fifteen-year-old son screamed ‘mama’ in a loud voice at least not less than five times. Every time I answered- coming. The next moment stamping his feet, he stood on the threshold of the kitchen room. 

‘Mom, are you stuck in the kitchen room? It's already 11:30 pm?’ he spluttered. But suddenly his expression was changed with exclamation. ‘Oh! Wow! It looks so amazing! Now I understand why you are so late. But, mama, is it required at this time of night? By the way, I had never seen these rangoli in the kitchen room why then today? Is there any festival tomorrow?’

‘No honey, no festival. For the first time, you have come to the kitchen room at this time. You had never noticed it because you sleep early. How can you see? Early morning when I come here, it is wiped out because of work. But I do it regularly,’ I said smilingly.

‘But Mama, why do you do this? Is it required?’

‘Um, no. It just gives a good look to the kitchen room and you know what? It is in our custom, and said, ‘Everyday Mahalakshmi first visits the kitchen room at night. She is the goddess of wealth and prosperity!’ 

‘Come on, Mama. This is ridiculous! What do you mean? Those who are not doing these rangoli, don't have wealth, they don't prosper. Are you biased, mama?’ He asked argumentatively.

‘No, not at all. I am not biased. Every old theory has some scientific reason, son! And this too has some good reason behind it. In rural areas, this practice still exists. This is carried out traditionally from generation to generation. Like- I had seen your Dadi was doing the same thing. I didn't follow her being biased but at that time I began to mull over the scientific reasons behind it. My mother-in-law used to tell me, ‘ Bohu, after finishing everything in the kitchen room then put the rangoli.’ And when I realized the truth, I also appreciated her concept. Maybe, this custom is traditionally followed up! And I like it! Well, at least in this pretext, the kitchen room is cleaned, then Rangoli is just for self-satisfaction. Nothing else!’ Once again, I giggled.

‘Oh! Scientific reason! Wow, tell me what's that?’ he demanded a valid answer.

‘Well, a neat and clean decorated place is always appreciated by all, right? It creates a good impression and also a positive attitude. By the way, the rangoli is given only after the kitchen room is completely cleaned. Secondly, there is no clutter and no germs. There would be no foul smell. The leftover or remaining organic food particles are the major source of breeding of multiple germs. It is unhygienic. So, if you keep the kitchen room fit and fine, germs will not be produced. And your mind will be fresh and healthy. You will feel happy! Now tell me, do you agree with this?'

‘Um..yeah, but mom, sometimes I feel all these old theories, old concepts this puja-path, these are none sense! You are spending nearly one hour in your puja, by the way, Mom, both of you and Dad, your faith bestowed upon so many gods. Sometimes I’m confused - how many gods are there? Why don't you pray to one god?’

His mom chuckled and said, ‘O dear! Whatever idols we may pray to, eventually, every single person in this world is praying only to one God! There is only and only one God!'

'O Mom! Come on! If you know that, then why so many idols so many names, and all these different rituals?' her son asked firmly.

His mother smilingly said, 'O son! Understand this! Let me give you my example. Look- I am addressed in several ways by others. Like- someone's masi, someone's pishi, someone's bahu then someone's daughter. Besides that, I am called Maa, Didi, and many more. But, I am the same individual! Exactly like this, God is only one and we do worship Him in different names and different forms, honey!'

'OK, I got it Mom, but what's the value of different forms? Why not only one image?' 

'O, dear! Suppose you are a flower lover and I would give you a choice to choose one flower you like most, then what would you do? Would you not like to choose the best one you like?'

'Yes, of course!'

'Exactly, the same way people prefer to worship the idol, the image they love most! That will help them to concentrate more on prayer as it is their choice. They get contentment, peace, happiness, and satisfaction!' explained his mother nicely.

'Ok Maa, it is 12:40 a.m. now, I agree with you. Let's go and sleep.'

After a long argument, both the mother and son went to sleep happily.

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