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  • Gautham S

A Witch's Love

The first time I laid eyes on him, I knew I was his. His piercing black eyes which seemed

like an endless void and a vessel containing all my desires, at the same time. It was a time

when Witches and simpletons lived peacefully, but separate from each other. A concordant was written which said, “No witch should ever interfere in human activities or companionate with any human and in return, humans will offer, five, 16 year old girls, to the sterile witch community, for the survival of their future.”

I was a 10 year old girl, when I was given as a gift given to witches in return for their help

in evacuating the humans, during a flood of a century. I barely remember the life before magic. I taught magic to new 16 year olds when I was their age and by the age of 23, I was given enough responsibility to pick the 5 year olds myself.

That day was one such day of the year when a witch was not bothered about, rather

welcomed into civilization, as I was there to pick the 5 girls for this year. I always used to pick

the orphaned or the girls whom I can sense would rather have a better life with us than their

household. I was praised for such a humane act. But I am a witch and only I know magic

favours those who are in pain. As I picked my girls and started my return to the woods, a man

came forward to wish me a goodbye to me and the girls. He was unbelievably handsome for a human. Even a witch can’t pull a disguise as striking as him.

As we traveled a couple of miles into the woods, I asked one of the girls, “The man who

wished us goodbye, who was he?”

“He is the Chief Hunter for our village. He looks after his team of people responsible for

gathering and storing the meat for winter,” She replied.

“That explains his build,” I thought to myself.

Few moons had passed after my return from the village. But he was still lingering in my

mind, haunting my nights, messing with my soul. Never had I ever felt these feelings before.

Just a reminder of him gives out an uber pleasure in my core.

From what the new girls had revealed to me, he will be visiting the woods tomorrow to

begin their seasonal hunt. As much as my very existence depends on not interfering with him, the thoughts of him overcame my concerns. I had to meet him. I wanted to feel what I have been missing all these years.

Next morning, I went to their camp before the light and I perched upon a tree waiting for

him to be alone. I jumped in front of him as soon as everyone else left, to my surprise, he did

not even flinch. As he drew his sword, he said, “You should not be meeting us.”

“I know, I am here for you, my dear. I want to talk to you,” the words came out before I

thought about it.

“What do you mean?” he asked, as he sheathed his weapon.

“Ever since I returned from your village with those girls, I have been troubled with my

feelings towards you. What spell have you casted upon me, dear? what are these things that I never felt about?” I confessed.

“Step away, Witch!” he roared, “A witch should never have feelings for anyone let alone

a human. Run away and hope I don’t speak of this with anyone.”

“Why don’t I deserve the pleasure humans possess, hunter? What have I done wrong to

abstain myself from these feelings? Tell me what do I have to do for you, to have you, my dear” I begged, as my tears started to form.

“A witch will never have a human’s love. There is a reason you people are shunned to

live in the woods.” he said mockingly. “Women throw themselves at me, I can have anyone I

want. I wouldn’t even dream of ever liking a witch, let alone love one. Run away before I slit your throat”

I smiled as I wiped my tears, I wished it was different. “You forget, dear. Even I can have

anyone I want,” I smirked as I cast a spell to take control of his body. I know this is the wrong

thing, but I need this and I need him.

“You are a puppet in my hands now, hunter. You will be a toy for my pleasure from now

on. You will feel everything I ever make you do, unable to speak or scream. I will enjoy your pain as you get to spend the rest of your time with me. You are mine now,” I laughingly said as I enjoyed his inner screams as he laid down on the forest floor helpless and soundless.

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1 Comment

Balaji Yatheysh
Balaji Yatheysh
Jan 06, 2022

Amazing story 🤠🤠

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