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Agnihotra Yajnya!

Once a young boy came home from his hostel after one year. One day he went to the backyard of their house. While strolling around the backyard, his eyes captured some unusual things which he had never noticed one year ago. Some of the fruits were in amazing sizes. He plucked a few and ate them. Then he came back and asked his mom, ‘Mama, when did you get this variety of fruits? They are so juicy and tasty. I had never seen this type in our garden. They are really good! Their size, texture, taste everything is changed, mama.

His mama smiled and said, ‘No dear. Nothing new. Same plant but just because Agnihotra Yajnya, this miracle has happened.’

‘What did you say— Agnihotra? Are you kidding, Mom? What's that? And when did you do?’

The lady smiled again and said, ‘No dear, not kidding. Do you have time to listen?’

‘Yeah. Tell me. If it is true, then I’m interested to learn that magic.’

‘Well, listen to me,’ his mom began———-

Agnihotra is a Vedic Yajnya. It is multi-dimensionally useful karma. There are many secrets in our ancient traditions which are now followed by scientists to test their utility. Agni means - fire and Hotra means- healing. So, it's a fire sacrifice or fire ritual and a natural healing process. This one is also known as Homa Therapy. You know what- since ancient times, sunlight has been regarded as the ultimate source of energy available to all living beings.

This Agnihotra Yajnya is performed exactly at sunrise and sunset with some typical requirements. For example- this Yajna is performed using a copper pyramid. The dried cow dung cakes- two pieces kept at the bottom of the inverted copper pyramid pot and two pieces arranged vertically so that a hollow space is created in the center of the pot. To one piece of cow dung, pure cow ghee is applied to catch fire easily. When the cow dung is lit in the pyramid pot and the fire is set ablaze, then chanting the mantra, oblation (uncooked and unbroken rice grains smeared with pure ghee) is offered to the fire after uttering the word ‘Swaaha’. But the mantras must be uttered at exactly sunrise and sunset time. No other time is granted as Agnihotra.

The morning Agnihotra starts with the divine mantra-

Surayya Swaaha, Suryaya Idam na mama

Prajapateye Swaaha, Prajapataye Idam na mama.

This means- O Sun god, the offering is for you not for me. O Prajapathi, the offering is for you, not for me. And exactly at sunset time, the evening Agnihotra is performed with the chanting of mantras-

Agnaye Swaaha, Agnaye Idam na mama

Prajapataye Swaaha, Prajapataye Idam na mama.

What happens- Tremendous amount of energy is gathered around the Agnihotra copper pyramid just at the time of Yajnya. A magnetic-type field is created, which neutralizes negative energies and reinforces positive energies in the house and surroundings.

When the rice, ghee, and (other medicinal herbs not mentioned in Agnihotra) are offered into the fire with chanting the mantras, copper generates the negative ions and helps clear the air of various hazardous particles.

Cow dung and pure ghee act as natural disinfectants and reduce bacteria and toxicity in the air and the surroundings. Now listen, how does it help us—

The chanting of the Agnihotra mantra activates unique vibrations. It has a positive effect on every aspect of human life and the surroundings. It has distinct mental and physical benefits that led to calm and serenity.

It also increases confidence and concentration. Thus, reduces stress levels in the mind, and creates a state of tranquility and inner peace. The effect of Agnihotra is scientifically verified all across the world.

The fumes that are liberated during the combustion of ghee help remove blood clots and clear bacterial infections in nasal passages.

Homa purifies the blood and helps in blood circulation. It also purifies respiratory organs.

The smoke generated from the Homa binds the harmful radiations in the air and neutralizes the radioactive effect.

Agnihotra reduces pathogenic bacteria and the ash of this home purifies the water resources.

Chanting and concentration during Home renew brain cells.

Not only that magnetic energy is formed around the plants during Agnihotra. The homa atmosphere acts as a catalyst for plant metabolism and the ash helps in better nourishment of the plant. Increases quality and volume of production. Improves the test, texture, and nutritional value. The ghee is thrust into the atmosphere and attaches itself to the molecular structure of the soil, allowing the soil to retain moisture.

Repairs the ozone layer and removes harmful radiation in the air.

The ash of Agnihotra cures skin diseases. The resonance effect of Agnihotra captures many ethers, electricities, and subtle energies at sunrise and sunset and broadcasts them in the atmosphere for its purification.

Thus, Agnihotra is universally accepted as one of the best natural therapy for healing living creatures and the atmosphere too. Many countries have already followed this Yajnya to get a cure for coved-19 viruses and have experienced wonderful healing of all types of ailments by using Agnihotra ash.

Heal the atmosphere and healed atmosphere will heal you is the basic principle of Vedic science.’

‘Now you got it,’ asked his mother with a broad smile.

Yeah, Mom. It's wonderful! Let me convey this message to my colleagues and other members of the college. Hopefully, we can also arrange one such spiritual and natural therapy. Let’s hope for the best.

His mom immediately said, ‘Beta, I am not an expert. You must search it to get into detail about this.’

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