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An amazing lake was formed by Arjun!

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

(Jayadratha Vadha Parva- Vyasa Mahabharata)

After defeating Samashaptaka, Arjun returned to their encampment on his golden chariot which was driven by Lord Krishna. While coming, Arjun asked in a choked voice, ‘O Keshava! My mind has become cheerless and I have noticed all the evil omens from all directions. Why is my heart shaking? And I feel my limbs have become weak. Is everything all right with my brothers and relatives?’

Lord Krishna said, ‘O Arjun, everything is all right. Do not grieve. Maybe some unimportant evil might have taken place.’

After a long conversation both of them reached the Pandava encampment. Beholding the camp joyless and sorrowful, Arjun said, ‘O Janardana, there is no sound of auspicious music of trumpet, beat of drums, or blare of conches. Neither the auspicious and delightful songs are sung by our bards amongst the troop. The warriors are walking past me with downcast faces. O Madhava, why is Abhimanyu with a sweet smile not coming with his brothers to greet me today? O Keshava, beholding our men plunged in grief, my mind is unsettled! All my people look distressed with sorrow. What calamity has befallen us?’

Thus, conversing with Krishna, both entered into the chamber to see the king. He was shocked when he saw his brothers all cheerless and eyes filled with tears. He then said, ‘O brothers, what made your faces turned pale? Why doesn't Abhimanyu come to congratulate me? I heard that the circular array was made by our preceptor today. No one but Abhimanyu knew how to penetrate it but I didn't teach him how to come out. Did my beloved son Abhimanyu all alone enter into the formation and was slain on the battlefield? Oh brother, tell me, how that hero of mighty arms has fallen on the battlefield? How is it possible in the presence of the mighty warriors like all of you? Or no one was there by his side to protect him?’ Saying those words Arjun sat down there with tearful eyes. (Out of frustration and anger Arjun used many harsh words to his brothers and also denounced their bravery, manliness, and strength.)

Arjun was so much afflicted with grief that none of his kinsmen or relatives could venture to look at or speak unto him. Then, King Yudhishthira told him everything about how Abhimanyu, that bull of the warriors entered into the Vyuha, and when all of them tried their best to enter, they all were resisted by Sindhu king Jayadratha through the virtue of a boon received from Mahadeva. Then, Drona, Kripa, Karna, Ashwatthama, Kritavarma, and Shakuni, these six warriors surrounded the son of Subhadra. Thus Abhimanyu was deprived of his car and, at last, was killed by Duhsashana’s son.

Hearing the brutal murder of his son uttered by King Yudhishthira, Arjun fell on the earth in great distress. After regaining his senses, burning with rage he announced, ‘Truly I do swear to God, tomorrow I will slay Jayadratha! Whoever it may be desirous of protecting him, be it Drona, Kripa, or anyone, I will slay him! This is my vow! And listen to my second vow. If I will not succeed in slaying him before the sunset, then I shall enter myself into the blazing fire. If he enters into the nether regions or ascends to the skies or goes to the celestial regions or the dominion of the Daityas, I will still cut off his head with sharp shafts and send him to the abode of Yama!’

Having spoken these words, Arjun began to twang his bow. When Parth took that vow, Lord Krishna blew his conch- Panchjajanya. Arjun excited with rage, blew his conch- Devadutta.

Hearing the terrible oath of Parth, the sounds of thousands of musical instruments and fierce war cries, arose from the Pandava camp. Having heard the loud uproar of Pandavas, the spies of the Kaurava troop rushed to their camp to give this news to Sindhu king Jayadratha. Thus, Jayadratha overwhelmed with sorrow went to Duryodhana and said, ‘Desirous to save my life, I shall return to my home. There is no doubt that the wielder of Gandiva has sworn for my death! O bulls among the Kshatriyas, protect me from the wretched Parth by the force of your weapons!’

Assured by King Duryodhana and Dronacharya to save his life, Sindhu king Jayadratha then set his heart on battle.


Both Krishna and Dhananjaya afflicted with grief were sighing like two venomous snakes. Having thought about the pitiful condition of his beloved wife Shubhadra, Arjun urged Madhava to console his sister first.

Having consoled his sister Subhadra, Draupadi, Uttara, and others, Lord Krishna retired to the inner apartment of Arjun’s pavilion. He spread an auspicious bed made of Kush grass of the hue of lapises and garlands of flowers, perfumes, and other auspicious articles. He then kept around it many weapons and asked Arjun to meditate Lord Mahadeva with complete devotion. Then Partha, with cheerful soul put the perfume and garland to Krishna then presented unto Lord Mahadeva the nightly offering. Then Govinda with a faint smile said, ‘O Parth, lay yourself down. Everything good will happen to you. Let me go and search what good I can do for you.’ That night became a nightmare for all in Pandava camp thinking how Arjun’s vow would be fulfilled. Remorseful Yudhishthira went on showering his blessing on Parth for the success of keeping his terrible vow!


Followed by Daruka, Krishna repaired to his tent. The illustrious Madhava went on thinking about how to dispel grief and anxiety and enhance his prowess and splendor. Keshava had recourse to Yoga-meditation to benefit Arjun. The Supreme Lord of all Krishna who always did what was agreeable to Parth, lapsed into yoga and meditation.

The slayer of Madhu was deeply engrossed in thought, then addressed, ‘O Daruka! Indeed Arjun has made a tremendous vow which is too difficult to fulfil. The Kauravas have a vast troop and all the warriors with invincible Drona and Ashwatthama will protect the Sindhu king Jayadratha. But, O Daruka, understand that Arjun is half of myself. None among my wives, kinsmen, relatives, or friends is so dear to me than Pritha’s son Arjun. If it is required, I shall put forth my prowess for Arjun’s sake and vanquish all of them in one day. So, O Daruka, get ready all my celestial weapons Kaumodika, discus, bow and arrow with my divine chariot.’


Dhananjaya, of unbelievable prowess, thinking of how to accomplish his vow, recollected the mantras given to him by Vyasa and deeply thought about Krishna. Thus he was lulled into the lap of sleep. Within a short time, Lord Krishna appeared before him in his dream. Ever devoted to Krishna, Arjun offered him a seat and stood before him. Lamenting over his vow, Bibhatsu said, ‘O Keshava! I made a grave vow which is too difficult to be accomplished.’

Hearing the cause of Partha’s grief, Krishna touched the water and sat with his face turned to the east. Then he said, ‘O Partha, there is an indestructible, supreme weapon named Pashupata. If you remember it now, you can slay Jayadratha tomorrow. O Dhananjaya! You are a great devotee of Lord Shiva, the wielder of Pashupata! Through his grace, you shall obtain that divine weapon and you will slay Jayadratha tomorrow!’

Thus, hearing his words, Partha having touched water sat on the earth with a concentrated mind and thought of Lord Shiva. As they had sat at that auspicious Brahma muhurta (hour, time), Arjun saw himself journeying through the sky with Krishna who caught hold of his left arm. They crossed many mountains, forests, and rivers and saw many wonderful sights. At last, Arjun beheld a blazing mountain whose splendor same as that of the planets, constellations, or fire. And he beheld on its top, the high souled god having the bull for his mark, and ever engaged in ascetic penance and blazing with his effulgence!

Bhava- the supreme lord, the creator of this universe holding a trident in hand, matted locks on his head, robed in bark and skin was seated with Parvati. Arriving at the Supreme Lord, Krishna and Arjun paid their homage with heartfelt prayer. Being pleased with their devotion, Lord Shiva addressed, ‘O sinless ones, Nara and Narayana! I will fulfill all your desires. Ask me whatever you want!’

Arjun mentally worshiping both Krishna and Mahadeva said, ‘I desire to obtain the celestial weapons.

Thus, Lord Shiva smilingly told them to go to a nearby lake full of Amrita where the weapons (His celestial bow and arrow) are kept. With His command, Krishna and Arjun found two terrible snakes in the lake. One of the snakes had a thousand heads. And that snake was vomiting fierce flames. Looking at them, Lord Krishna and Arjun with joining hands uttered the stanzas of the Vedas to the praise of Lord Rudra. Then these two terrible snakes in consequence turned into bow and arrow. Thereafter, they brought them and gave them to Lord Mahadeva.

Then a brahmacharin of tawny eyes came out from one side of Lord Shiva’s body. He was endured with great energy. He displayed the right posture (both the bow and his feet properly) of holding that bow and fixing the arrow onto the bowstring, he began to stretch the bowstring duly. Arjun of good memory knowing that Lord was gratified with him and remembering also the boon the Lord had given him in the forest. He was assured of his success by the Supreme Lord! The son of Pandu achieved his goal! Thus, Lord Krishna and Arjun filled with joy paid their adorations unto the Bhava by bowing their heads. With His blessing, both Arjun and Krishna immediately came back to their camp.


After the night had passed, both sides' heroes began to array all their divisions for battle! Drona was the commander-in-chief of Kauravas' side arranged the full protection of Sindhu king Jayadratha with mighty car warriors by his side. Thus, Jayadratha was comforted and proceeded to the spot indicated by Dronacharya. When the Kuru army had been arrayed, a loud uproar had arisen with the sound of various instruments. The terrible blare of those conchs Panchajanya and Devadatta created fear in the heart of Kauravas. The hair stood on end at that sound!!!

As Lord Krishna informed Parth that his chariot was properly equipped, then diadem-decked Arjun with bow and arrows in hand circumambulated that excellent car before ascending over it. That chariot had already been sanctified with mantras capable of giving victory in battle. The slayer of Madhu drove the chariot so quickly that the Kauravas beheld Arjun at every spot of the battlefield. He was looking terrible like the second Yama himself! A massive carnage was performed by the third son of Pandu. After slaying hundreds of his foes, he fought with Vonda and Anuvinda of Avanti and at last killed both of them.

Beholding the slain of Vinda and Anuvinda, their followers rushed towards Arjun and attacked him and Lord Krishna with hundreds of arrows. Arjun looked like a blazing fire consuming a forest on the expiry of winter. Somehow, Arjun passed through those troops. Assuming that Arjun was tired, and king Jayadratha was yet at a distance, the Kauravas surrounded him from all sides with loud uproar. Filled with wrath, the invincible hero Arjun smilingly said, ‘O Madhava! Our steeds look tired and afflicted with arrow wounds. Jayadratha is still at a distance. You are the wisest person! Having you in our eyes, we believe to vanquish our enemies. Truly I say this, O Keshava! Tell me what should be done now.’

Thus addressed by Partha, Lord Krishna said, ‘O Arjun, I agree with you.’

Once again Arjun said, ‘O Keshava, I will check the whole troop standing on the ground and do what you think best for us.’

Alighting from the dazzling chariot, Arjun stood on the ground holding his bow and arrow. Beholding the son of Pandu on the bare ground, the enemies rushed to him with a roar. The bull among the men, Dhananjaya resisted with his arrows all the enemies.

Amid the battle, Janardana fearlessly addressed, ‘O Partha! There is no well on the battlefield for the steeds to drink from. The steeds want water to drink not for a bath.’

Thus addressed by Vasudeva, Arjun cheerfully said, ‘O Madhava, here it is!’ Uttering this, he pierced the earth with a sharp weapon and formed an excellent lake from which the steeds could quench their thirst! The lake abounded with swans, and ducks and was adorned by Chakravakas. There were beautiful lotus and diverse kinds of fish. The water was transparent. Even, Narmada ji came to see that wonderful lake created there in a moment by Arjun!

Not only that he also created an arrowy hall having arrows for its beams, arrows for its pillars, and arrows for its roof. Beholding the wonderful feat of Partha, Lord Krishna said, ‘Excellent! Excellent!’ The Siddhas, Charanas, and all the warriors also applauded aloud for the amazing sight never seen before nor can be seen in the future!

Thus, the bull among the warriors, the slayer of enemies Arjun formed a LAKE amid the battlefield!

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