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  • Anmeet Singh

An anonymous sail

"Time becomes a state of matter for the people who are left, not on a good note."

Brooks was a tough ship as if it was made for the storm that Captain Arry is facing on the heavy tidal waves of the Irish sea. "We need to get to the shore as soon as possible", exclaimed Captain Arry whereas one of the boatmen screamed in horror, "It's not possible Captain, the mast is getting out of control, and changing the direction of the ship is the best choice right now". Captain Arry gave a saddened look to all the workmen on the ship. The Isle of Man was a dream for him. Well, who hasn't heard about the treasures of that island and the supernatural forces that were present on it, as if they were protecting the treasury. With every turn of an hourglass, it seemed that the sky was turning darker and darker, the drizzle was like coal tar that pelted on Brooks like it was a hole where all the tar was getting collected. The ship's direction was turned away from the direction of the island as ordered by Captain Arry, unwillingly, who was standing on the deck with a blank face as the ship's course was extending its path from Isle of man. The Irish coast's distance from the island was lesser fathoms as compared to the English coast. In absolutely no waste of time, the boatmen got busy setting the course to the Irish coast. It had been a rough year for Captain and his men because the last war they fought, had destroyed their last ship, Aurelia, he also injured his left eye and got a scar that ran all the way from his left brow to the lower part of his nose. Many of his men left him because of the financial crisis to the Captain and only the loyal ones tended to him.

The gusts were strong and the ship wasn't as strong as Aurelia was. The boatmen were waiting for their lives as if the island's curse was following them. They blamed Captain for the plan to the island even knowing about the dangers of it. After countless turns of an hourglass, the man sitting above the mast, screamed in joy, "I can see the coast", the half-dead crew and the Captain just gazed at that amazing view of a grassy hill overlooking them, just behind the shore. "Of course it's Ireland", said the traveler who was on his way to Belfast. Joy outbroke, among everyone except the Captain. He refused his men not to go to the town and wait for clear weather with him. But eventually, only two of his men stayed and all left. The three of them camped on the coast. Four days passed away, and every day Captain Arry, would watch the damage of Brooks in sunsets, and remembered about his last ship Aurelia. On the fifth morning, Captain noticed that his other two men also fled in the night and he was alone now. The storm had also weathered away, so Arry took his "already damaged" ship to the sea.

A lot of time passed by and the Captain never returned. His boatmen said that the mysterious island Isle of man got him. Many of them also held to the probability of him drowning as his ship was nearly wrecked and couldn't survive another storm. But after days of searching, his ship was found on Liverpool's shore but no one was on it. "Eventually, he was never found and was forgotten", was the quote which ended the book, titled, "The mysterious voyage". Brandon, who just closed reading that book, took an eerie sigh as he went to the coast of Liverpool where Brooks stood and was now converted into a museum. He went inside the ship museum's library to return that book. The librarian didn't see him come as he was reading a book. Brandon, silently, put the book back on its shelf. He was ready to leave when he just stopped by to say, "Thank you, sir, for letting me read this book, it was a very interesting story". The librarian took off his glasses and closed the book he was reading and said, "It was a pleasure, you must read this book too, it's better than the book you read". Brandon saw the name card on the desk, it was written "Arthur (Librarian)", "Thanks a lot again, Sir Arthur'', as Brandon took the book titled, "Aurelia, the brave'' and smiled while he left. I don't know what occurred to Brandon that he turned back again just to notice the scar on the left eye of Librarian Arthur.

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