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Updated: Sep 8, 2022

One night, a mother held her five year old son on her lap and sat on the balcony. The star streaked sky was looking marvellous! Both of them stared the twinkling stars. The little boy pointed towards the sky and asked so many questions about the moon and the wonderful sky. Though his little mind was filled with strange questions, his mother patiently answered them and satisfied him. After an hour was spent in light conversations the little one slept in his mom’s lap peacefully!

Twenty years passed and the little boy grew up to a fine, young man. His mother became old too. He was a scholar and went abroad, and got a good job. He connected regularly with his mom through letters since no other form of communication was available for his mom. His mother had no knowledge about a computer or an iPad. With much difficulty, she could only learn how to use her mobile. Obviously, exchange of letters was the only option left. 

In due course of time, the number of letters from her son, grew less and less and she felt sick. Maybe, loneliness devoured her mind and made feel her much older than she was!

One day she was extremely frustrated, so she  wrote a letter to her son to convey her pain. What she wrote was………

‘Dear sweetheart,

I love you so much, dear! Hopefully, you are in good health! Few months back, I received only one, two letters. Maybe, you are swamped with work! 

Time is so cruel! Every moment, I remember how mindlessly you chattered on and on and asked so many absurd questions. When I asked, ‘What is the most beautiful thing in this Universe? You answered with the most serious voice, ‘Why?!  It's my Mama of course!’ 

Whenever I see your old sketchbook, I remember the same tiny fingers pointing to the stars asking me, ‘Mama, you told me that my dad, grandpa and grandma have become stars. Am I going to be a star when I will grow up?’ You sketched the drawings in multi colours, somewhere the birds or some funny figures.

When you got the job in abroad, I was so happy that my son has become a big man! You know that I am all alone. At least, your letter pacified me that wherever you are, you are in good health. I have no clue, for what you are damn silent! Have you forgotten your ‘mama’? Randomly when I got your letters, I feel as if I am faded away from your memory! Who took your time? 

Sometimes I feel, as if my son is busy with his beautiful young girlfriend. Your handwriting has also changed. I was surprised when I noticed a new style of writing! However, even if you have no time, only write few words about your health, that’s it. I don’t want to spoil your precious time, neither I want anything from you!

Your mama is eagerly waiting for you, dear- nothing more! Badly I missed you and remember what may come, never stop your adventurous journey of life! It is really amazing to enjoy every bit of life whether it is sweet or sour! Hope, see you soon!

Affectionately yours,


Time waits for none! Waiting for a long days, mama received a letter from her son. She was overwhelmed with joy, tears rolled down on her cheek, she left the work aside and opened the letter to go through it. When she read the letter, no longer she could control her patience. She screamed aloud, and fainted on the ground- The letter was written only with few lines! 


I regret to inform you that unfortunately, your son is hospitalised since past three months. He doesn't  want to disclose everything in letter. Be kind enough to visit him in the given address. A ticket is attached in the envelope. Kindly let us know, if you need any help! For last three months, the letters you received, were written by a generous lady(nurse) on the humble request of your son. Your son insisted on us keeping this a secret but we believe that seeing you will help him recover faster. Please do come soon, we are waiting!

With regards,

Dr. S.Thomas.’

She went on reading the letter again and again when she came to her sense. Cursing herself for blaming her son and her assumptions, she decided to visit to her son.

Not sometimes, but most of the times we assume so many absurd things about our friends, foes, or even our own kith and kin, which eventually lead us to draw terrible conclusions! Of course, it is human instinct. But too much assumptions are dangerous too! Our mind never exempt us to live peacefully, rather forced us to live only in repentance and painful life!!! Be aware of the consequence of some wrong assumptions!

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