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Sukhen's life took an unpredictable turn when he realized that kindness plays a vital role in life.

Once one of Sukhen's relatives, Ramesh came to him and sought for financial aid. Sukhen asked Ramesh for the reason and he told Sukhen that this money would be used as bribe to have a governmental job offered to him. Although, Ramesh was in need of a job very badly and the conditional offered job was also in conformity with his qualifications, but Sukhen didn't help him inspite of his capability to do so. To give due consideration to his unwillingness, Sukhen presumably told Ramesh that it was a fake offer; don't get victimized. Ignoring Sukhen's advice, Ramesh tried some other recourses, but it went in vain.

Ultimately, he lost the offer and one of his friends grabbed this job by bribing an amount of Rs. 2.50 lakhs. As a consequence, his mental power was started getting decayed by an injection of go-slow poison, called "Depression" and with the passage of time, his hope for getting job turned into despair. This had resulted him in to start falling in the prey of narcotics and come into association antisocial elements. His aged and poor mother earned money by rendering services as cook to others for their survival. Because of 'hand to mouth' earning, the intake of food was not sufficient to combat with the intake of narcotics and hence, it had caused Ramesh to become mentally retarded. Now, he passes his days as a living dead and his mother is helplessly waiting for the death to come in both their lives.

Had Sukhen been kind to Ramesh, this disheartening situation might not be occurred. This forced Sukhen to be in compunction and to get rid of it, Sukhen decided to spent all his earnings for the welfare of needy persons now onwards.

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