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The room across the river.

Amelie was unlike most children of her age. She had a sharper, keener senses , even for most adults. And she loved fishing! Not a day would pass when she and her aunt would stop on their daily walk back from their store and spend some time at the deserted shores of the Praire.

They wouldn't catch much, and not even one every day. But the time spent there, looking for the little fishes, that's what she looked forward to daily.

On a clear, cloudless day like any other, she and her aunt stopped one more time at the shore of the river. Picking up their tiny trusty rods, they flung their lines around ten feet away, and waited patiently for their prospective munch to cling on.

"Look there", said Amelie to her aunt.


"There, across the river. Do you see that building that looks like a book cover, the maroon one?"

"Yes, what about it Amelie?"

"Do you see that big french window up there in the corner, the one on the top right side?"

"Barely, but yes, I do. Anything special there dear?"

"There's someone in a red dress there who's been waving at me daily I guess."

"Oh really? No one can see that far, Amelie. I might be old, but I still have my senses about me naughty girl."

"No really. She does that daily. And she's been doing that since a few days now. I didn't think much of it before, but I should wave back today. She'll feel bad if I don't right?"

"Sure, go ahead. Wave back."

And so went on this small ritual of Amelie. Amelie got her friend across the river, waving daily at her and she would wave back. They both looked tiny to each other, but Amelie could clearly see her shape and her wave. And she knew that it was her that person was waving at. So now, with the fishing , this was also her favourite thing to do everyday.

One day, Amelie asked her aunt, " Can I go over to my friend's building today? I'd love to meet her once at least. We've been waving at each other since months now I think."

Albeit with a frown on her face, her aunt agreed. She knew enough to not say no to Amelie as she would have gone over there anyways.

So in the evening of this day, both Amelie put on her favourite blue sweater, strolled over the bride across the river Praire and went to the maroon building that looked like a book cover. She deduced that the top right corner window had to be on her left side now and climbed through 2 floors to reach the apartment.

Amelie rang the bell with a tingling sense of excitement of meeting her river buddy. This was one of the more exciting days that she had since a long time and couldn't wait to surprise her new found friend. She rang again and waited. A few minutes went by. Then she heard some rustling right inside, as if someone or something was hurrying by. Curiosity got the better of her and she spoke loudly " Hello? Is anyone there? I can hear you."

She pushed ever so lightly on the door and it clicked open, as if it was never locked. The door went open completely wide, right upto the wall. And the sight of the home was something Amelie hadn't quite expected.

It was an extremely sparsely furnished home. One chair at the wall opposite to the door. A ceiling fan. No closets, no television. A book case at the corner, with visible children's books. She could see the open kitchen too , standing at the door. And she saw that there were no utensils, nothing that could say that this kitchen was used daily. She could also see a tiny corridor, leading to another room on the left side. Probably the one from where her friend waved at her daily.

"Funny", she muttered to herself. Amelie's senses were all acting up now, even more than normal. Something told her to run away, but she didn't. She knew right away that this was a place where things weren't right but for some unknown reason, she stepped in, calling out "Anyone here? If you're here please let me know. I am your friend that waves back at you daily across the river." When no one responded, Amelie started to feel uneasy, as she could really hear someone in . " I am going to come in now, to your room. Are you ok? Do you want me to call someone to help?" She stepped towards the room, and opened the door to the room a tiny bit. She could see a girl's silhouette close to the window. She was her friend and finally she met her!

A few days later when Amelie and her aunt stopped again at the river, and she went about her usual routine, her aunt asked ," Amelie you're not waving at your friend anymore. In fact I think I can see her shape a bit today. She's wearing blue isn't she kid?"

Amelie smiled at her aunt and said "Don't be funny, no one can see that far."

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