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The subjugation of Vindhya Mountain!

(Skanda Purana)

It is said that- The divine Sage Narada was very fond of Kalaha (dispute). But, he was quite intelligent, learned, and a follower of truth. He tried his best to teach a lesson in various ways to the arrogant people. Thus, he set off on his journey to Vindhya mountain to make him realize his pride. Vindhya Mountain saw the Muni from a distance it was looking like a blazing fire! As Narada ji reached there, Vindhya paid his obeisance offering Arghya to the reverend Rishi. Very humbly he asked him to be seated. Then he said, ‘O Sage! I am fortunate that you have come to me today! My status of being Dharadhara will be respected by all mountains today! ‘

Hearing his words, the Sage took a deep sigh! Vindhya was puzzled at his attitude. He asked, ‘O great Rishi, what's the reason for your deep sigh? Is there anyone who can match with me? I think the capacities of all the mountains are insignificant in comparison to the richness and prosperity that I provide to all.’

Beholding the pride and arrogance of the mountain, Narada Muni thought to himself, Vindhya has puffed up with too much vanity. He must get a lesson! Thus, the Muni said in a choking voice, ‘O Vindhya,  whatever you said about the capacity is true but the mountain Meru belittles you among the mountains. Or why should all the great Rishis prefer that? Let you be victorious! And the question you put to me, better you should ask the Sun-God.’ Uttering this much Narada muni took farewell from Vindhya.

Narada muni went away but Vindhya Mountain was depressed. Next morning he asked the Sun, ‘O Sun! What's your path today? Where are you going to?’

Sun-God was surprised to hear his sudden question. He said, ‘Why? I set off my journey in the usual path from the east and after circumambulating the Meru mountain, set in the west.’

Hearing his words, Vindhya questioned why he would not give a round to him instead of Meru! He demanded that the Sun-God must revolve around him as he is revolving around the Meru. But the Sun declined to do so. Vindhya Mountain’s heart was filled with grief! He started competing with Meru in height. Being jealous of Mount Meru, he began to rise higher and higher to obstruct the path of the Sun and the moon. That created havoc everywhere! The devas, rakshasa, kinnara, Gandharvas, and all living creatures suffered a lot. At last, they went to Lord Brahma requesting him to resolve the problem.

Lord Brahma suggested they go to Rishi Agastya who alone could do it. Thus, all of them approached Agastya, who was the preceptor (Guru) of Vindhya Mountain. Rishi Agastya agreed to help them. He thought of a plan for how to restrict the ever-raising height of Vindhya. Thereafter, Agastya accompanied by his wife Lopamudra set off on his journey to the south side. When the Rishi was about to arrive near the mountain, Vindhya saw him from a distance. He was very much afraid of his Guru Agastya! Paying obeisance to his preceptor, Vindhya prostrated before him and chanted his glory. Bending low he asked, ‘O Lord! What can I do for you?’

Rishi Agastya was pleased with his humbleness and said, ‘O Vindhya! I am going south with my family to accomplish some of my work there and I find it difficult to cross over you in such height. So, better you should stay in this bending position till I reached there and finishing my work I would return to my abode.’

Vindhya obeyed his Guru. He remained in that bending low position, but Agastya never returned! Thus, Vindhya laid there flat forever without increasing his height anymore! Rishi Agastya was one of the Sapta Rishis! Canopus, the second brightest star in the night sky is called Rishi Agastya! He was such a powerful Rishi that he could dry up the ocean quickly. He was the first one to say about the presence of oxygen and hydrogen in water. (from Vyasa Mahabharata). He was a celebrated author of hymns in the Sanskrit text Rigveda and other Vedic literature.

This story was told by the sage Vedavyasa to Ugrashrava Sauti ( son of Rishi Lomaharshana) who was also known as Suta and a disciple of the great Rishi Vyasadeva himself!

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