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  • Shrestha Ghosh

Valentine's day

14th Feb, 2016. It was Keira's first valentine's day with her husband after their wedding. She

was in an unusually good mood, preparing dinner for the two of them , humming and smiling all along. She picked up a vial labelled Hemlock and emptied it into the broth she was stirring.

“I'll be free after today",she thought.

“Free from the monster who claimed me as his wife after slaughtering my innocent father in

front of my eyes". A solitary tear slid down her cheek. She quickly brushed it away as the

lock on the front door clicked open.

“How was your day,hon?", said her husband, slumping down on the couch. He turned on the

television and started watching the evening news.

“Fine",she said trying to sound normal.

“You hungry,D... Dan?",she stuttered.

“Famished is the word darling".He offered her a wide grin that turned the insides of her


“Go, freshen up then", she smiled “I'm serving dinner".

The couple sat at the dining table next to each other. Keira fiddled with her spoon watching

him,careful of his every move, from the corner of her eyes. Beads of perspiration appeared

on her forehead, her palm. After blowing his breath over a spoonful of broth a few times, Dan brought it to his lips.

“Stop", said his wife,“It's poisoned".

He shuddered and dropped the spoon ,sending drops of the broth everywhere.He turned to

his wife and caught her grinning at him, sheepishly. She leaned in to place a chaste kiss on

his cheek and it took him all his resolve not to cringe.

“Happy Valentine's day, babe. I'll go order a pizza", she said, retiring to her room. He pushed the bowl away from him and sat there in silence, sheer terror gnawing at his bones.

“Wife stabs her husband in his sleep. Dead body recovered from their garage", the news

anchor read.

Dan pulled out a handkerchief and wiped the sweat from his brow.How could he forget this

day?— The day his wife came up with her twisted fantasies to make sure she still loved him.

The fact that he was alive proved she still did. He wondered what villainy she had made him

guilty of ,this time ,in her tale. The first time she did it , he had called her the most creative

wife in the world, thinking all of it to be an attempt at fun until two years back when Keira

called him on his way to Office and informed him that the brakes in his car had been

removed. He walked with a slight limp ever since jumping out of a running car.

He dreaded the day his wife stopped loving him, the day she wouldn't warn him. Valentine's

Day —the day of star crossed lovers—would be the day he met his end.

Valentine's day

“Dan", his wife called out,“Dad's coming tomorrow. Can you please pick him up at the


“S...Sure sweetie", he replied, clearing his throat to hide all traces of his fear.

“Thanks. I love you".

“I know" was all that he managed to say.

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