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We Are One

“ I’ll call you later, bye.” I said nervously and ended the call without waiting for my friend to respond. My steps were getting slower by each second as I approached my apartment. I fumbled with the lock as I tried to unlock the door but the keys dropped. A loud sigh left my mouth and I bent down to pick up the keys.

“Is everything alright? Anna?” My neighbour, Mrs. Texas asked me.

“Ye…yeah, Mrs. Texas.” I flashed a smile.

Mrs. Texas frowned her eyebrows and stared at my trembling hands.

“I’m just tired and…..and I’m low on sugar so.” I said holding my head. “Good night, Mrs. Texas.”

I unlocked the door and went inside quickly.

Fresh sweat beads covered my temples and I panted in horror. The apartment was covered in dark with only a little source of light coming through the window. Everything was awkwardly silent and I struggled with the switches.

I dropped my bag on the couch and made my way towards the bedroom. My feet were trembling and I hesitated to turn the knob.


I flinched with the sound of my ringtone. I took out the phone from my back pocket, it was my friend, Julie.

“Anna, he…he died. Jerry died..” She started sobbing.

I couldn’t process anything after that and the phone dropped from my hand. A single tear left my eye and I covered my mouth.

Suddenly I heard someone humming a tune I didn’t recognize. The sound was coming from the bedroom. I clenched my jaw to stop my muffled cries and turned the knob.

I glanced around the dimly lit room, refusing to take any step further. My fingers curled up into a fist and I moved slowly towards the faint music. It was like my legs were walking on their own and I stood before the mirror. The mirror that I covered with a white cloth before going out.

I extended my arms to uncover the mirror and the tune stopped. I closed my eyes and pulled the covers from it. My eyes tightly shut, I refused to open them.

“Are you scared?” The voice said, but I kept my eyes closed. And I hear someone giggling. I opened my eyes slowly and like my soul left the body, I stood there like a statue with my eyes wide open. My legs were glued at the spot and my eyes were fixed at my own reflection, who was smiling.

“I heard your friend died. I’m so sorry about that.” She said.

“How?” I asked, my voice came out as a whisper.


“I said how? And why are you doing this?” I asked again.

It looked at me, smiled fading from her face. “ I’m not doing anything.” It said and crossed her arms. “ I’m just here to protect you.”

“I’m dreaming….I’m dreaming…please Anna wake up.” I mumbled and pinched myself to get out from nightmare but to no avail.

“ You’re already awake Anna.” It smiled when I started sobbing and fell down on my knees. “I saved you from Jerry.” She added.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Can’t you see? I’m you, Anna.”

“No…no…” I refused to listen and closed my ears.

“ I...I pushed him from the stairs. Oh my God, he died because of me.” I hugged my knees and cried. “I shouldn’t have listened to you…No..No..” I shouted on the top of my lungs.

“He deserved it.” She replied.

“No… it’s all your fault, he died because of you. I’m not you… I’m not you.” I cried and kept on blaming her over and over again.

“I saved you or you would’ve been raped.” She snapped back making me flinch in response. Her blood was boiling and her anger was evident by the way her eyes looked straight through my soul. “Do you believe me now?” Her voice became soft and she looked at me with hopeful eyes.

The room fell silent and the sound of soft breeze could be heard clearly. I wiped my tears and stood on my feet staring at my reflection. I gripped the hem of my jacket and took a deep breath.

“It was true, everything you said yesterday was true.” I paused waiting for her to response and she smiled. “I believe you.” The light flickered as I completed my sentence.

“We are one.” I looked straight into her eyes without a single drop of fear and the door closed.

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Asna Pallavi
Asna Pallavi
Jan 06, 2022


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