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Editor's Choice Award - Black Coffee
by Tanzil Kalam
Prize - $100

Judges Notes on the contest
First and foremost, this edition of the Galpa Collective was a rollercoaster as there was an avalanche of submissions on the closing day of the contest, leading to a far bigger list of stories that we are used to evaluate, as judges. A debate that started around the 10th of April, continued for over 2 weeks and here we are now, finally with a clear winner for the Editor's Choice Award, which is the eclectic story of human psychology - Black Coffee by Tanzil Kalam. A captivating short story layered with nuances of subtle human emotions, Tanzil's story is a delightful narrative for any reader, with a climax that is bound to raise debates equaling the fall vs spin of Cobb's totem* .

Reader's Choice Award - $50

*Cobbs Totem from the movie Inception, released in 2010.

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