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A fine morning walk!

It was a cool early morning of the winter season. Dawn was still reigning! I was excited to start my morning walk. Every day I promised myself that I would start ‘walking exercise’ but never it happened. I saw so many people were engaged in this amazing habit but I could never push myself. So that day I determined to take the golden opportunity!

I got everything ready, my shoes, socks, hand gloves, and jacket from the previous night. I don't know why I felt like I was going to do some expedition! Oh yes! I was ready and started walking on the lonely road. The outside temperature seemed to be below 18 degrees. But I enjoyed the fresh chilled air. Probably that day I was the only one who was walking on the road at that time. I think I was too early but anyhow I loved it!

After a few yards were covered, I felt delighted! Huge banyan and peepul trees were on both the roadsides. It was so calm and quiet all around except randomly the chirping sound of the little birds was vibrating in the air. On one side of the road, a small pond was there. Since it was my first walking exercise, I decided to take a little rest near the bank of the river and then continue. The sun was moving closer to the horizon scattering multiple eye-catching colours to the sky.

I breathed a little faster than normal and stared at my surroundings. A beautiful sight captured me. A chick was being fed by her mother bird (a sparrow). I was stunned at the sparrow’s effort. She was flying to a spot on the ground and then she was picking up something (must have been someone’s wasted food) on her little tiny beak, came back to her chick again and inserted the food in her baby’s mouth. This pattern, she repeated again and again. In between the food, she was collecting the twigs too. She cleaned the cluttered food from her baby’s mouth. In the meantime, a crow noticed the sparrow’s activity and instantly flew to the ground for the same spot. Perhaps, the little sparrow was scared. She knew that she couldn't win over the crow if there would be a fight. So, no more she tried but flew back to her baby, flicking her wings to protect her! The scene was so wonderful, I was touched! Such a tiny bird, yet she showed how much she cared for her baby! And a few minutes later, a stray dog came running where the crow was picking up food. As the dog approached, the crow flew away. I just smiled at the sight and thought that truly someone said, ‘This world is meant for ‘the survival of the fittest!.’

As the sky started glittering with beautiful yellow and red light every day before the sun rose, I left that place and ended my journey further. I consoled myself that the next day I would increase my exercise a little more. I turned and leisurely walked down towards my home. But I was thinking of that tiny bird. 

I correlated the sparrow’s activity with humans and the magnificent creations of God! It is incredible, indeed!

‘A mother is a mother, always superb and adorable’, whether it is human or any other species. She does her work all the time without any expectations. Of course, she has one expectation from God that her child should stay happily forever wherever it may be. Every mother loves her child unconditionally. She makes no deal with her child when she gives birth to her baby. She protects, defends, and supports her child without any hesitation. (exceptions are always there).Poor sparrow! She was taking so much burden for her chick, but when the birdie would grow up and would learn to fly, would it come back to its mom? God knows! However, we should be thankful to God that He has given us the most precious jewel ‘our parents’!!!’ I murmured myself. 

Eventually, I made ‘morning walk’ a practice! Every day early morning, I walk. In due course of time, I realized that this ‘morning walking exercise’ helped me a lot in my body and mind. I felt relaxed and active too! Stress is always there, so never mind. But, whenever we are getting a chance to be happy, then let us be happy to our heart's content. Hopefully, ‘morning walk’  is one of the best exercises, you can ever do!

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