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The Mirror!

Once my mind was completely drenched with my office problems! Drastically, I was searching for a solution. But no one was there to pacify my anxiety.

Desperately, I was moving around in my room from one end to the other. Suddenly, I came across the life-size mirror in my bedroom. I stood in front of it and looked at the mirror strangely. 

As I gazed at my reflection continuously, it appeared so weird! The next moment, I didn't know why I felt like talking to my reflection! 

You know what? The conversation between me and my reflection began.....

'Hello, what are you looking at?' I asked.

'At you of course.’

'Why the hell are you looking at me?' I charged him angrily.

'Cause, I am your reflection, simple, isn't it?' he retorted so casually.



'Wow! Am I looking so funny?' 

'Umm...that I think you know better than me,’ said the image.

'Oh? Is that so??'

'I hope so…by the way, why are you not going to the office? Your Boss will get angry,’ the image spoke in a concerned voice.

'My Boss? For God's sake, don't take his name, please! My whole day will be spoilt,’ I said resentfully.

'Whatever, your Boss is your Boss.'

'Oh, come on! My Boss is a monster. Don't you know that?'

'What do you think? Whose Boss is a nobleman?' the image asked me in a hard tone.

'Maybe, somebody's, I have no idea,’ I wanted to circumvent the topic.

'But, if you will not attend the office, you will be fired. Are you ready for the consequences?'

'Well, anyhow I have to face the problem.’

'Why???' the image asked me mischievously.

'What, why? Don't you know how he behaved with me yesterday? I just handed over his finance bill and he threw it on the ground without having a proper verification. He yelled at me, shouted at me as if I was a culprit, I have no self-respect. I was supposed to collect the data, review it, and finally pass it to him. I did my job. Doing all the work sincerely, I got what? I got only a scolding. Nothing else. Every day after office also, I work overtime. Am I getting anything extra, any praise, any appreciation? Nothing. That monster only thinks of his profit. Our hard work reward goes to him? He only gets the credit. He is the most stupid man I have ever seen in my life.’ 

'Hold on, hold on, calm down. I got your point. But, that is the technique of the Bosses to handle their juniors. Eighty percent of bosses are like that, not all of course! Understood? Anyway, at least speak politely today. What's the harm in that?'

'Sorry, I don't know buttering, got it?'

'Yeah, to some extent, but until and unless you get another job, you can't quit it, am I right?'

'That is what bothers me now,’ thoughtfully I replied.

'O.K, I do understand your plight, but this is not the right time. It’s better, you should go now.’

'No, no, don't tell me ‘I have to’. I am my own master.'

'So cute! Why are you then working under someone? Be your Boss and enjoy your life!'   said the image sarcastically.

'There lies the point, I want it but unfortunately, it's not happening.'

'Whoa… whoa…that everybody says, but do you think that they are not working under their Bosses?'

'Come on, that's not my problem, I am concerned about me,’ I retorted.

'Oh, yeah! This the fundamental mistake that everybody does.'

'Thanks a lot, I don't require your advice anymore.’

'Well, I am your well-wisher, I know you are variable.'

'What do you mean variable here? I can't get you,’ I asked him, surprised at his comment.

'O.K, O.K, relax. I will explain it to you later. Now you tell me, do you trust yourself?' 

'Yeah, of course, I do. So what?'

'Then don't waste your time, go now.'

'No, I want to finalize my problem,’ I said firmly.

'O.K, chill, but do you think this is the end? If one problem is solved, then the new one will arise, there is no end of problems. It continues forever.’

'Stop nagging, when the other problem comes, I will think about it then.'

'What a joke!!' 

'What? It seems like a joke? You are incorrigible, man!' I lifted my face closer to the mirror and murmured these words.

'Well, I am a bad person! Today you go to the office, henceforth, I will never advise you. Is that O.K?'

'Umm...I am going, but if any unpleasant thing happens, I will kill you.’

'O.K, granted.'

'Wait..wait, I want to ask you one last question,’ I requested my image.

'Ask, no problem.’

'Am I bad looking?' I asked seriously.

'Why suddenly such a stupid question?'

'No, just like that.’

'It can't be just like that. Something is running through your mind otherwise you are not a person to ask such a silly question.'

'Well in my office, all are gossiping, sharing, but nobody ever asks me either to gossip or to share. Why? Is that not weird? It seems as if I am an outcast.'

'Well for your first question, undoubtedly you are good-looking, but for the second question,

bad-looking or good-looking does not concern with work. Performance, punctuality, and personality are above all the trends, that are highly demanded in an organization. Of course, behavior is one of the most important qualities of personality.'

'Oh, yeah! I know that is why my Boss is showering his 'sweet anger' on everybody, right?

And by the way, what do you want to point out? Am I lacking all these qualities you referred to?'

'Look, getting angry at work is a tactic for work to be done in time, understood?'

'Oh! Is that so? Don't you understand, how much mental pressure it gives?' I asked annoyingly.

'Why don't you understand that your Boss pressurizes you because he is under pressure?'

'No, no, I don't agree with you on this point. Do you know why? Because, to show his vulnerability, once my Boss, signed an assignment, which was next to impossible to achieve. Then he thought that his work was over, he implied all his force to his juniors for the target to be achieved. That was not fair at all. He is quite efficient, and he knows very well the business market. Knowing fully well the current situation, why did he sign the agreement? And then he started harassing everyone. Is this the way, a Boss should behave?

'Hmm... It is a simple theory. To show his efficiency, he accepted the assignment from his Boss but he knows how to play the game. So to prove his capability, he imposed the target to be 

achieved by his juniors, so that he will be free from the immediate botheration and headache.'

'Oh, great! Is that so?' satirically I asked.

'Of course yes, it happens most of the time.'

'You know what! Most of the time, I try my best to ignore most of his offenses, but when his rolling eyes and high-pitched voice come to my mind, I lose my nerve. I want to throw my

resignation letter on his face on the spot and say 'good-bye' Boss!

'No, no don't make that mistake ever. Don't lose your temper so quickly. Sudden temper has no good effect, O.K? Keep patience,’ the image tried to make me realize the consequence.

'Well, I am just interpreting my reactions. Oh, yes! You are right unless I get a good offer, I can't quit.'

'Yeah, that sounds better!' 

'Well, I will tell you one last incidence, which ignited my anger in double ratio.'

'What is that?' the image asked curiously.

'Listen, towards the end of every quarter, Boss used to give a party, like a small get-together. No doubt that the party was really good. The food, the snacks, the drinks, everything was mind-blowing. But the only problem was that he was very insistent. You can't deny him. That happened to me that day. He drank a bottle of whiskey and persuaded me to drink. When I refused, he offended me before everybody saying, ' Look, gentlemen! Here is a baby sitting on the sofa. Please give him a bottle of milk. And everybody laughed. Of course, it was a fun party but I felt insulted, and nervous. I just wanted to leave the party but my conscience restricted me from doing so because the net result would be the worst of my career. So I controlled myself. Not only that, for every single matter, he was trying to convince others that success in the company was achieved, only because of him. 

When I was a child, my parents always advised me, 'Son, do what you feel right, never go to work, for which you will regret the rest of your life.' So I gave a fake smile as if nothing had happened and I drank a small bottle of Coca-Cola. Now, you tell me, who the hell was he to force me and offend me like this? Shouldn't I get angry?'

'Hmmm.. So this is the situation which irritated you so much.'

'Yeah, of course, it is,’ I confessed.

'O.K, now I understand why you are so upset with your Boss. Well, for every awkward situation, there is a solution. Of course, you have maintained that, giving a fake smile. That is good. Take it easy, and don't be too sensitive. It happens in all the corporations. Please be patient always, I understand.'

'Yeah, I do. Hey, I forgot to tell you one interesting and most amazing incident. You know what? Last week, a seminar was called in England. Three persons were selected to attend that. I was one of them. But at the last moment, he canceled my trip and sent my co-partner, saying that my presence here in the office was too urgent and important. As if without me, the office will be collapsed. It was only a matter of five days. After ten years of service, for the first time in my life, I got a chance to go abroad, and that also he swallowed, a stupid, selfish man. I was extremely angry.'

‘Hey, look man! Today you are angry with your boss for some reason, tomorrow when he would praise you for your decent work or efficiency, you will change your attitude. Just wait. You know what? Hard work is always rewarded! It may be late but would not be unnoticed!’ 

‘Oh, yeah! I know that. I have to wait for that golden award till my last breath!’ I smiled and took a deep breath. 

‘Well, we can meet any time, any day, anywhere, O.K? We will discuss our problems some other day, please at least, right now don't delay anymore. I believe you should attend your office and behave decently to your Boss. Got it?'

'O.K, thank you for your sweet talk and good advice. We will meet soon, bye......'

After talking to my reflection, I felt relaxed! It was truly a wonderful experience! I said goodbye to my image and went to my office. It was a good day for me! I was truly thankful to the ‘Mirror’, who allowed me to see myself …what exactly I'm! 

Hi readers! this is for you., when there is no one to share your grief, sentiments, and emotions, believe me, it is much better to stand before a mirror, and go on expressing your anguish, pain, whatever you want, as long as you can. Trust me, you will feel relaxed. Remember, you are your best friend! Try to trace out your defaults to analyze yourself. Stand before a mirror, talk to your reflection, and be relaxed. Keep patience, and wait for the 'Time', your problem will be solved automatically.


There is nothing better and mightier than ' TIME'.

And yes, the answers that were given by my image are nothing but thoughts of my subconscious mind.

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