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Before saying, think twice

The road was packed with traffic. Inside the closed comfort of his car, even with his a.c running in full speed, he was still sweating profusely. Fifteen minutes had passed already but his car had barely moved an inch. Irritated with his journey, he just wanted to get done with this traffic so that he could finally reach the peace, quiet and comfort of his home. When the traffic light finally indicated green, he was all ready to gas the accelerator to it maximum when suddenly he noticed a man running on the road and stopping right in front of his car. His first thought was that the person would walk away. But instead of walking away, he stood there, looking confused. A long, repeated and hard horn had no effect on this pedestrian. The man in the car finally lost his patience after a full minute of gesturing and blowing his horn. He lowered down his window and screamed loudly at his adamanta roadblock, “Are you blind? Move right now man, this is my signal!!!” And yet, the man stood still in front of his car.

Two minutes of honking and screaming later , the traffic light turned red again. The driver had lost his temper utterly and rushed out of his car, slamming his door. With his teeth clenched and fists drawn, he started abusing the stubborn pedestrian and ended his tirade with the words "...can't you see?? ARE YOU BLIND??" To which the the man stuttered, “Yes-s s-sir, I am blind...since birth... I-I could hear y-you but since I couldn’t see...I-I didn’t know where to go. All the noise....all the confused me s-sir...Th-That’s why I couldn't move. So sorry, sir! Please forgive me", and folded his hands in forgiveness.

Hearing his words, the man was speechless for a moment, knowing how wrong he had been. His anger had turned instantaneously to massive regret. He then held the blind man's hand and said, “Sir, come with me. I’ll help you to cross the road. Without knowing anything, I scolded you badly. Please forgive me. I should have thought twice". All the traffic that had piled up behind his car, all that incessant honking which was piling up, abruptly stopped with everyone looking at him helping the blind man & realising the situation.

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