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Few words from the personal diary of a lawyer.

It was a cold morning, cloudy and gloomy. Far away, distant mountains were shrouded by clouds, birds were thrumming around the sky. However, the small town was full of life with its inhabitants! Particularly, the young school children in that town, were as fresh as everyday, to attend their school. They looked like the fresh blooming flowers! Their tiny brains were fully loaded with history, geography, civics and so on…When the school hour was over, after a certain time period, they were back to their home.

Once, a young boy came home after the school, asked his mother enthusiastically, ‘Mom, what is ‘law’?’

She smiled, shortly said, ‘Why, honey?! Suddenly this question? Are you taught about ‘law’ today?Law in general, means- rules, but Law is blind!’ Then immediately, she tuned her voice, said, ‘It varies, which law are you talking about??’

‘Um, whatever, tell me mom, does everybody obey laws?’

His mom grinned at him, stroked his hair, said, ‘Honey, you are only ten years old. You know the general common laws like: traffic rules, school rules, so on…am I right? When you will grow up, you can come to know what exactly the other laws are!’

‘Do you believe in ‘law’?’ the boy asked again.

‘Of course, honey! But my answer is yes and no, both.’

‘Oh! Why so, mom?!’

‘Because, there are two types of laws. One is Natural law and the other one is man made. ‘Natural laws’, I do believe in it. They are so systematic and well organised. About man made- forget it, it can never be the same always, neither anybody follows the law in it’s true sense!’

‘But, mom, I heard people saying ‘law is blind’, even you said the same thing a minute before. Is it true?’

‘Honey! I don't know nothing about which ‘law’ ’ you are talking about? I know only this much for sure that when you will be a lawyer, hopefully you can define the term, then!’

The young boy was implacable, he dredged up with the same thought again and again.

With ticking of clock, the young boy grew up into a smart handsome young adult! He wished to fulfil his long desire to be a ‘lawyer’! Eventually, he enrolled himself in a law college. After finishing his normal course, he went abroad for higher degree of Law. He retuned back to his homeland and started his practice as a lawyer.


In due course of time, the same young boy became a prominent lawyer. A remarkable figure that nobody could forget, especially in the court-room!

'Once he appears in the case means- winning is a must', this was the general public view. His calm face, heavy low voice, way of talking with mild behaviour, sometimes stunned others that how it could be possible for a person like him to argue so vehemently. Not only that, once he started his arguments means, the opponent lawyer had no words to counter attack it. In other words- he was unbeatable!!! He was truly unrivalled.

Yes, one thing was sure, he used to take his cases selectively. Irrespective of money, sometimes clients' genuine request or some other factors compelled him to accept the case. He was confident that whatever it maybe right or wrong, he would hand over the winning card to his client what may come! That much of confidence he had! The most amazing part was; whatever money he earned, every time he was contributing one fourth of that money for the poor people, or for the person who lost the case. Obviously, it depended upon the status of the person to whom he was sparing! So many extremely rich lawyers were there! But everybody was not like him, he was exceptional!

He had already reached a high platform! Nothing more he wished, but yet he couldn't leave his profession only because he didn't prefer to sit idle. He was absolutely devoted to his work. Most of his time was spent in his personal office, either shuffling the files or interviewing the clients about their problems.

Once, he was busy consulting with a land dispute file of a very, very rich person. He looked over the file and few minutes later kept it aside. For a second, he leaned back on his huge rocking chair, looked at the ceiling, deeply engrossed in his own thought. Past memories flashed back in his mind.


Few months ago, a poor old man came to him for his help. The old man heard about the lawyer’s generosity and kindness. He knew that he couldn't afford to hire this lawyer, but yet hoped to consult with him. At least, if the lawyer would know the truth, he might consider his case. But, his junior talked to the old man before the elderly man could approach to the lawyer. Time passed, but the lawyer couldn't come to know what was the conversation between the old man and his junior. In fact, he forgot to ask ask about it to his junior. Eventually, the old man left the place. He saw the man through his window, but he was so busy that he couldn't discuss about it to his junior. That chapter was closed over there, he won that case and he forgot about it. The client had given him a lump sum money as per the deal.

Two, three days passed. But everyday at night, while he was trying to sleep, that particular old man's face flicked in his memory. He thought about his own father. He felt uneasy, even he himself was not sure, why his intuition forced him to re-look that land dispute file again. He opened the file, read it again and again. This type of land dispute case, was not new for him. He had already solved hundreds of cases like this before. But, this time, even though the case was over, he was not mentally satisfied. Unconsciously, the old man's pitiful face winked repeatedly. The after effect of the case was definitely too hard for him to tolerate!!!

He couldn't forget the day when the argument was going on in the court, his opponent lawyer was discussing something with the same old man. He noticed that while they were engaged in discussion, the old man's eyes were welled up with tears. He didn't react or said a word to his opponent lawyer, but left the court with a strange feeling! Seriously, he felt bad for the poor old man, who lost his battle only because of him!!!l Two, three days later, he asked his junior to connect that same old man. Literally, the poor man had lost everything!

Next day, the lawyer gave some instructions to his junior. The junior lawyer was cool, he smiled and carried out his boss's order, because it was not a new instruction for him. So many times his boss had already done the similar acts. He registered a new plot for the poor man and gave him some financial support. Junior murmured, 'Oh, Boss! You are incredible!!!'.

After a heavy scheduled work, once the lawyer sat in his office for a long time, then took a pen and opened his personal diary, turned few pages, looked at some lines which were written in beautiful loopy cursive, then taking a deep breath he started writing again..................

'November 30..


11:15 p.m

I don't know, why my intuition has forced me to write something about my past, which I never disclosed before. Maybe, life is uncertain! Anytime, anything can happen. At least, my personal diary would be an eyewitness for my future generation.

My father was a poor farmer, lived in a remote village of a state. I was his only child. He had a high aspiration for my future, but poverty and illness dragged him so badly that he faced untimely death. He borrowed money from landlords and couldn't repay it. Eventually, whatever land or any asset he had was snatched away from him. Under pressure, he had a heart attack and he died with that!

Mom was all alone with me. Anyways, she was definitely a bold lady! Somehow, she arranged something, and we shifted to a small town, where my education career began. She worked as a part time labourer, worked hard to collect the money for my higher education. She never let me know any problem of her. With God’s grace, I completed my academic career with a good percentage. As I told you, from my childhood, I was haunted every time to know the truth of ‘law is blind’. So, I determined to be a lawyer and adopted the law course.

For higher degree in law, I went to England and that also I achieved with a remarkable result! What I learnt from the inner circle of my colleagues are unforgettable!!

However, by profession, I am a lawyer and I am happy with that!! I have chosen it with my heart and I am satisfied with it! Out of hundreds of options, I chose this line, because I loved it and drastically wanted to be a lawyer. I wished to know the truth behind the version 'law is blind'. Especially, my mom used this ‘proverb’. My tender mind never understood the complication of these words. I passed my graduation, since then my enthusiasm for law, slowly became stronger and stronger. I became too interested to testify the justification of those words. From a lower level, slowly I picked up a high position. Obviously, it is my hard work and proficiency in accurate argument. Well, I am not defending myself, I never regret what I do, only because I count my pace then step forward. I do my work sincerely.

After so many practices, I concluded that truly 'Law is blind! You know why so? Because, I know what exactly is going on around our society! The culprit is moving around in the fresh air, while the innocent is convicted under the law, suffering with heavy punishment! There is no doubt that for this type of situation, we, the lawyers have some major contribution. However, 'Law is blind' have double meanings. Either the guilty, whoever it may be, rich or poor, known or unknown, would be punished, sooner or later Or with money and power, just the reverse would happen and law would be blind enough to impart the right decision! Whatever it maybe, I think, nobody will deny this truth! This has become a Universal Truth! Even though, I accept the cases selectively, yet I feel, somewhere something is wrong. But, I have nothing to do in it. We are crippled under the situation.

It's not greed, but the urgency and demand of necessity! I am not a saint, simply a common man, trying my best to defend my client right or wrong. I am well aware of my work, I know what I am doing! Neither I feel guilty nor I become emotional for any such cases! I just want to be honest in my work. I want money because I have to run my family! Hopefully, that's not a crime.

Often my conscience puts me a question 'What about you?.' At that time, I answered it, 'I don't know about my fate, but I do know that my case would be filed in the Court of the Almighty Lord! At least, over there, there would be no question of 'Law is blind'. No money, no power, no partiality!!! Justice and only justice will be given to the convicts, whoever it may be!!!' I have no clue what verdict will be given by Him against me, but definitely I will get true reward, that is for sure and guaranteed! I just pray to Him everyday to give me strength, and to carry on my work! And be sure that there is no ‘Injustice’ in His ‘Court Room’!!!

Yes, this is purely my own, personal analysis! I don't like to criticise others.Time out, it's going to be 1:00 a.m... I will continue tomorrow"..

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