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  • Charmila Yerra

Life out of choice

A boy from a village who was so naughty and fierce grew up doing all messy with friends and family. He was so very heroic and have the enthusiasm to go anywhere without anybody’s help. Though a brilliant student had to be caught by his mother for his naughtiness every day. Days passed by he was 18 years now and looking to do graduation, after being a school topper he blew a year because of financial problems. Unfortunately one night his mother passed away. He was almost broken but for his family, he made himself strong enough to yank the fallouts. He somehow managed to do his sister’s marriage and then strived a lot to look after his brother and father. Days passed off but then he thought education would give him a good life so then he enrolled in a college for Engineering. Then started his war with life, with not much money in his pocket he struggled going to college on buses somehow playing hide and seek.

This was so hard for him to manage college and home and he was emotionally committed to the family issues. In between his college times, he joined a cloth shop in a city to earn. It was terrible to manage college house and his job then after 6 months he quits that job. He was the only student who got distinction in graduation from his college this was possible only because of his listening skills and management skills. Later he somehow made his brother complete his matriculation and then joined him in a technical course as he was not interested in studies anymore. Simultaneously he looked at everything about his sister her pregnancy and delivery times.

Then after graduation, he joined a construction company in the administrative section and worked there for almost 4 years withstanding enormous headaches and mental struggles meanwhile there were extreme disturbances from his paternal family. All these made him locked only to his locality which spiked his career growth. He was though fond of studying so then he joined MTech part-time and with determination, he completed it again in distinction. He had chosen MTech as he thought an additional degree would help him in his bad times. When he was in his graduation he liked his cousin and was in love with her. She was his only stress buster as everything seemed to be like a piece of cake for him. However, years passed by and that year was an eye broadening year because marriage matches were coming to his cousin and he didn’t have a proper job that could give her cousin’s family a note of security.

That year this man took it as a challenge to crack a PSU Exam studied for more than 6 hours a day after his regular office work from evening 7 pm onwards. Within 20 days he made himself ready enough to crack the exam. That day on the results he was almost shivering with wet hands and tears in his eyes and his cousin was waiting for the good news from him. At midnight 12 am results got released and he called his girl to check his results. That moment when she checked and called back he was even more shivering with nervousness he heard ‘My Gentleman’ a big congratulations. That was the happiest moment ever for him. Then at last with daring decisions, he married his cousin.

He then thought now I have a girl of my life and God has shown a path for the rest of my life but everything turned out to be a roller coaster. Nothing was as expected by him. Every day there was a drama with his family from then he was exhausted with all the drama. His wife now back then his cousin was also suffering a mental struggle to make him come out of all these circumstances but was not happening. Days passed by and conditions were becoming, even more, worse as his father and brother and grandma were totally against him and started irritating him. But still, he was holding all those sensitive emotions and at times bursting on his wife. One fine day he settled his brother and did his marriage and his brother was living well with whatever he had his father was also behind his brother and started showing negativity on him. A day came when everybody left him for whom he even skipped his life and wife. That was the day when he realized a relationship is not connected with blood but with a heart as the only person who was with him in his good and bad was his wife not his family.

He gave up his career and life for his family but they fled him for no purpose. Give importance, but not life to your people.

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