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Sweet kids!

Like every day, one evening I went to the park to refresh myself. I do nothing over there except enjoy other activities, especially kids. Their gaming, screaming, and blabbering words had a different style which captivates my mind. That evening I went to the park and rested on the bench, leaning back stretching my legs crossed. My eyes fell upon a pair of cute children. Perhaps, they used to come regularly but I didn't notice them before. They seemed to be siblings. Hardly five-six years old, I guessed. I gazed at them more as they involved themselves with their usual fun game- ‘hide and seek’. Their contrast gorgeously dresses put a barrier to hiding and easily one of them was caught by the other. I enjoyed their game without being a participant. While playing, the little girl came running toward me to hide behind the bench. The moment I peeped at her, she gestured, ‘Shh! clamping her finger on her lips.’ I sat straight helping her to hide. Acted as if I don't know- nothing. After finishing his countdown, the boy searched her here and there. At last, he spotted her behind me and screamed, ‘Grace, come out. I saw you.’ Grumbling loudly, she shouted- no Christiana, you cheated. Again you have to find me. This is not done. Go- go back behind the tree and start counting again. The boy whirled around and around clapping his hands. He giggled out no, no. I did it. You are caught. They both started pulling each other. I enjoyed their game fully. Suddenly I noticed, Grace pulling her brother towards the fence. A stray puppy was grunting with pain. Grace rushed towards the puppy and kept it on her lap. The puppy was alone and not far away from the bench where I rested. I could see the puppy. So many other visitors were there but nobody paid any attention to it. The little puppy got a big scratch on his left hind leg. I hunched over to see what the little girl was doing. She untied her hair and wrapped the scratch with her wide ribbon. And Christiana took out his water bottle to quench its thirst. They both sat there for some time. The little girl kissed the puppy and softly moved her tiny palm over its body, clutching him fondly. She whispered a few words. She was reluctant to go home leaving the stray puppy in that condition but being late Christiana, her brother pacified promising her to visit again the next day morning. They both went home. The park was almost vacant except few children. I lingered my stay a little more. Thinking about the attitude of those two children, I mulled over their behavior. Must be inherited these manners from their parents! How blissful the life of everyone would be if this humanity - compassion prevail everywhere! Silently I prayed to God, let Him bless these two kids with these divine traits forever!

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