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The Special Choice

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Once two friends headed towards the Jahangir Art Gallery to see the paintings of eminent artists across the country. It was 9:30 am. They assumed that there would be no rush. But to their surprise, the art lovers had already formed a long queue. However, they stood on the line and entered the gallery.

It was huge and high-roofed. The paintings were nicely installed on the four sides of the wall. Visitors had maintained discipline while watching. Truly, the paintings were so beautiful, it was beyond words to express. Everybody's eyes were stuck on each painting, at least for a few minutes.

Both the friends strolled around from one painting to another. After finishing one round, one of them turned back and gave a second visit to a painting that they had already seen. His friend couldn't understand his intention. He rushed towards him and pulled his sleeve said, 'Hey, what's up? We have seen it. Come on. Let's move.' When there was no response, he looked at his friend's face. But he stopped dead in his track when he noticed tears in the corner of his friend's eyes.

'Hey, what's wrong?! Are you ok?!'

'Um..yeah. I am fine,' his friend said in a choked voice and continued, 'wait a minute. I want to buy this one.'

'W- what, buy?! Why? What's so special, huh?! About this particular, I think some other paintings are better than this one. Come on, yaar. Don't waste your time.'

'Yeah, friend! You can't understand. This particular picture has stolen my heart.'

'Ok, but tell me whay is it o special? Why are you bent upon to buy it? By the way, have you seen the price? I think you are not aware of that, right?! Two lakhs is not a joke, yaar! If you ask me, I won't buy it for one lakh even, forget about two.' Hm...You are right. Everything is not special for everyone, dear. A thing may be casual for you but the same thing may become special to someone else! Um...yes, about price? Well, I have seen it. You know what? Sometimes money becomes zero value in front of precious things. That's it. The picture of this lady with her kid on their balcony and the star-streaked vast sky reminded me of my childhood days with my mom!

Just like this picture, when I was a kid, most of the time my mom and I were on the balcony and I used to ask her thousands of absurd questions, pointing to the night sky. And every time she answered me softly. She was such a lovely mom! I lost her too early. Years later, I came to know, she died of cancer. I grew up but her words always pierced in my eardrum. At least, this one will remind me of her all the time.'

'Well, now I got it why you want it so deeply. Indeed, it is a special choice!' he grinned at his friend.

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1 Comment

saketesh mohapatra
saketesh mohapatra
Feb 28, 2022

Beautiful story! Loved it!

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