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The Galpa Collective
Awards - 4

Editor's Choice Award

The Moment

Sulogna Mehta

Editor's Choice Award - The Moment
by Sulogna Mehta
Prize - $100

Readers Choice Award - Under siege for an hour
by Rajgopal Krishnamurthi
Prize - $50

Judges Notes on the contest
The Moment by Sulogna Mehta is an incredibly clever piece of writing that marries the chaos & paradoxical nature of human emotions and intention. The author weaves a gripping narrative right down to the climax with wordplay that heightens the readers interest and hence was chosen as the winner for the The Editor's Choice Award.

That said, this edition of the competition has seen some of the best stories submitted till date, all of which stood equal chances of winning the Editors Choice Award, including Under Siege by Rajgopal Krishnamurthi, Quantum Theory by Kanishka Roy, The Woman from the Desert by Ujala Bhatti, Seeds of Life by Netra Sajeev and Sindoor by Hiba Nasreen, among others. We had an extremely difficult and long debate on our final choice, given the range of stories presented to us and would like to thank as well as congratulate each author here for sharing their stories in this competition. Do have a read!

Reader's Choice Award - $50
Amongst the winning stories of the Galpa Collective Awards -4, the story that gets the maximum likes on our Facebook Page, before 12 pm , 12th January 2022, will receive the Reader's Choice Award. The result of the Reader's Choice Award will be announced here on 12th January 2022. This is applicable to all stories except the story that wins the Editor's Choice Award.

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